Group Project Update *Adjusting Morpheus rig and testing for a template.*

Adjusting Morpheus rig and testing for a template.

We decided to use Morpheus Rig V1.0 created by Josh Burton because the rig covers our two main objectives.

1) The rig needed to be customisable.

2) Animator friendly, so no glitchness during the animation phrase.

Thanks to our lecture Georg showing us, not only how customisable the form of the rig was but how we can apply our creative touch and look of the rig as well. This is important for us because we have to make sure the theme and look from our concept artwork remains the same.

As technical director on this project, I wanted to test and make sure the rig is setup to become a template for our artist to come along and painting the rig straight off the bat.

In Maya with the Morpheus loaded, it was time to strip down the rig.

I’d started to remove the head and all of the head controls from the outliner, as we won’t be needing them.

I’d removed the following…


After removing this from the outliner, I’d created a simple cube and parented the neck to the cube. Rotating from the neck was fine but not from the cube. Will need to lock the head from being selected, for animation purposes.

Now I wanted to focus on the texture of the body. This needs to be clear canvas for the artist to paint straight on the rig from Mudbox or from Photoshop.

two UV sets in the editor..


uvSet1 is the uv wrap of the body and map1 is Maya default. I’ve copy the uvset1
to map1 and then deleted uvset1. Maya doesn’t like two uv’s of the same object.

Deleted some of the old materials that we won’t be using, like the eyes and hair
colour. Also clear up the shadergroups as some of them are unnecessary.

I created two lambert matreials on two different shading groups


By applying a new lambert shaders to these groups will allows us to attach a UV
texture or by simple going into Mudbox and paint onto the rig.


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