I adventure out of the studio in search of ideas and to take reference of a damage item or wall. I came across this stone wall which I thought would be interesting to model and texture, as close I possible can to the real thing. I capture a front, side and, try to, top down view with several close up shots for textures. here are some of the pictures I used for reference.

In Maya I created the image planes and started modelling in low poly, just to get a rough outline look of the stones. Once I was happy with this, I started to used the sculpting tool in Maya. The reason I used Maya than Mudbox was because I found Maya to be more accurate and had more control overall of my models. However, I did use Mudbox once i was done in Maya, to texture the models by using the reference photos to texture and paint onto the models. This work flow was nice and easy, even apply the final touch to the model, was adding a bump map to it. By applying this gave that stand out look in model.

I was really happy of how it turn out, overall.


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