Funny 15 Second – Part Two

Following on my previous post, I will talk about the production of the funny 15-second project but also how I made my scenes. If you miss my previous post then click here.
With the pre-production done and set, we split the workload between us. I would be creating the news room and whale scenes and animating them. I started to gather a series of images and cut them up in Photoshop and apply different colours to give it that wacky look.
The Whale
I wanted the audience to be slightly shock but not too much to take away the laughter. So for the whale I decide to use a fat lady sunbathing with a cocktail, enjoying herself. My first problem was the time of year….. It’s bloody cold! So I wasn’t going to find anyone on the beach, so I had to manipulate the image in Photoshop.
As you can see I’ve had to do some extensions around the lower arm and make extra the fingers. This was done by using a mixture of tools in Photoshop, which I copy small sectors and using the clone tool (Such a brilliant tool!) to blend in. I try my best to make sure the skin tones were the same in order to look like it was real.
The Couple
I wanted to have someone helping rescue this whale and I came across this image of an old couple watering a plant. They look so happy; it was priceless to add this image into the scene. Yet again I made some extensions with the hosepipe and clean up the image. My biggest problem in this scene was to some how animate cut out water and make it look like water is real.
I did some research and play around in how I could pull this off. In the end I used an image of water being pour into a glass of water and cut out a small sector. In after effects I duplicated the image several times and animated the scale and position, back and forth. With the water hitting the surface, I animated the same way but also apply the opacity, to fade onto the surface.
For the background, it was obvious it was going to be on a beach but I wanted to make it a funky British style beach. I added some images like the beach huts and change the hue/saturation. I was going to add a donkey into the scene, however I felt this would distract the viewer, where I wanted them to look at but also it cluttered the scene.
With the news anchorman and the drunken old man, we wanted to use some good quality photo and expression. So Ben and myself decide to take pictures of our expressions and brought that across into after effects, where we could animate the characters. I started to animate the drunken old man and the end result was really pleasing. However, my animation didn’t make it in the final cut, which was disappointing.
Unfortunately, I ran out of time on the newsroom scene and my colleague, Ben Wardle took over and did a great job.
The final outcome of this turn out to be good, even though my animation of the drunken old man didn’t get in the final version. As I said before at the start of the previous blog, it was a challenge to see how far you can go with comedy with scaring your audience.


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