11 Second Club – Concept and Design

Every time I want to do some animation for the 11 Second Club, something always gets in the way.

Well, not this time!

Decembers sound clip came out on the 1st and I’ve been listening to the sound clip on repeat for the past couple of days and coming up with some ideas. Now this month’s sound clip doesn’t have any talking, just environment sounds, which makes it interesting; Creatively and perforamnce wise.

My idea is someone running away from their biggest fear and hides in a storage room which is filled up with too much junk. This creature comes into shot, walking heavy footed closer to the door and all of a suddenly the door slams open with the junk falling out of the room with the person daze. As he comes around he looks up and relaiase who it is. The scene fades to black, the end.

So for my animation I wanted to use Maya as I feel confidence and enjoy working in this environment but it’s also a chance to push my animation skills to the next level in Maya. For the rigs I’m going to used Blake and Squirrely. Why am I using a squirrel creature? Well thats the person biggest fear, a friendly, cute, likeable squirrel.

With the rigs picked for my idea, I wanted to do some drawings of facial expression and a couple of poses, before I dive deeper into it.

Next time, I’ll be setting up the rigs, live action video tests and key poses block down. Before I do though, I’ll be having a quick read of Keith Lango’s pose to pose blog post, really good read if you haven’t read it yet.


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