Deep – Designing Medusa

Deep is a project about celebrity traditional film by using different characters and style over the era’s and mash together. The story is about the after events of Perseus slays Medusa and uses her head as a weapon but this twist in tails of Perseus on the run from 40/50’s style gangsters, with medusa’s head in a bowling bag. While on the run Perseus meets Caroline, who eventually falls in love with.
As you can tell but the story line, there’s a lot of different era’s expanding across the film. So the film will have a lot of different styles blending into together and some experimental transitions. The format in which this project will be using will be using live action, 3d animation, 2d animation and visual effects.
My role on this project is creating concepts character design and model of medusa skeleton remains for the title sequence.  I started out collecting images of human skeleton structure and snake skeleton to form a cut out concept of medusa skeleton form. I did this to aid me in the design but also to quickly form the idea before drawing out the concept. It was interesting in forming a this image as I had to think about ‘what would a skeleton version of medusa look like?’ and how would it look if you wrap the skeleton with a skin.

With this done, I started to use this as a template and drawn out some concept ideas and break down the each part for modeling reference; these will be used to model out each part in Maya, which will be the next step.

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