Thoughts of going into my final year

Only a couple weeks to go before I enter my 3rd and last year in education but also to say goodbye to home once again. This will be an important year for all of us students, not just in our course but everyone going into there 3rd year at Falmouth University, as over the years we finally put all of ours skills and practice theory together to create some of the best work that we can produce. Which is very exciting because we have all this freedom of creative that we can go any direction we want to go with. However, with any project you work on there will always be moments of frustration and stress that incurs at times of delays and errors that arise at unexpected times. Experience is important for students, as once they leave university and get a job, you will always be face with obstacles that you will need to overcome but more importantly continuing to have that drive and motivation to progress in there careers.


For myself, as a mature student, I want to take the time to create a strong portfolio of my work and reflect my ability, as I felt my 2nd year portfolio was not up to scratch of where I should be. In addition to this I want to continue my progression and learn more in MEL scripting and create a solid foundation of  knowledge in rigging and other areas relating back to technical animation. In my final year, there will be a range of projects that will be pitch in front of an audience, ranging from 2D, 3D, Stop motion and experiment animation, that only a number of them will go through to go in production. With my objectives, 3D animation is what I’m set on for my set of skill’s and this is where I will be focusing on character rigging and animation, as this is my primary. In terms of any other skill’s, I will be on hand to do some character modeling and composting. By doing this, I hope I would have enough content to be able to pick my strong pieces for my main portfolio.


I’m looking forward to getting to work and making the most out of my final year at university.

After nearly 5 years going back to education, I think I need a holiday. 😛


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