Friday Pitches

Its the first week back at university and it’s already been busy! Currently everyone is getting there pitches ready for this friday, as they will be pitching in front of a panel of judges, which includes the following;

Linda McCarthy

A director and owner of a stop motion company called Tiny Elephants.


Jason Robbins

One of the directors at Engine House base in Falmouth, Cornwall, who specialise in VFX and CGI animation in advertising


Naomi Jones

A producer who has worked with BBC on many animation productions, including The Miracle Maker, Otherworld and Friends and Heroes.


James Henry

A comedy script writer, who has worked on popular shows like Smack the Pony and Green Wing. He also has a new sitcom called The Delivery Man, co writing with Rob Harley, who also worked on Green Wing.


As for the rest of the people, like myself, who aren’t pitching a idea, we will be pitching our skills in front of the rest of the 3rd year students to demonstrate our knowledge within our specialised field. This will give a idea who would be best on suited on array of projects, where our knowledge and skills can be apply. My main focus will be Rigging, MEL scripting and Animation skills, as this my specialise role.


We will see what happens this Friday.


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