Projects in motions

Phew! The pitches are over and time to crack on but which projects when through?

Here is a list of the projects that are currently in production:

Bottle – 2D Animation (Jordan Allnutt)

Headless – 3D animation (Rhys Harvey & Toby Ellis)

The Illusion of Chaos – Projection Experimental Animation (Lydia Pourmand)

Revenant – 3D animtion/concept for a game (Lokki Rayne)

Rabbit Lyfe – 2D animation (Zoe Wakefield)

The Reel – 3D animation (Ben Wardle, Oliver Bromley & Matteo Veglia)

Claws for Concern -2D animation (Harry Bayfield)

Distance – Stop Motion (Sammy-Jo Tawn)

The Bird – 2D animation (Vicky Keaveney & Hannah Geach)

Long Way Down – 2D animation (Carl Longhurst)

Leap and Cottongrass – Stop Motion (Paris Washington)

Unfortunately not all the projects went through and were drop, apart from ‘With the Cloud’ by Jack Madeley, which he withdrew and now working with Harry on ‘Claws for Concern’ project.

For myself, I wanted to focus and specialise rigging, animation and MEL scripting in Maya. So I’m currently lead rigger and animator for ‘Headless’ and will be rigging a character for a scene on ‘The Reel’.

I’ll be updating my progress, share thoughts and process during my time on the projects.



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