Deep – Buildings

With the Medusa finish and ready to be texture by one of my colleagues, I’ve help out with some building modules for the city, where the camera pans down into the city. Here are some screenshots of the buildings I’ve done, so far.


Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany




Deep – Medusa

So been really busy getting this Medusa model done in Maya but I encounter a problem in how we pose Medusa into the scene. Something which wasn’t done during pre. So I decided to put my rigging skills to the test and create my first rig. Now I’ve not made the rig to be animated, just for posing purpose only. So they are some features I’ve left out. Here a test vid, showing the rig working.


Autodesk Maya 2015 Preview Features

It’s the time again where Autodesk wow us with their new features in the new edition of Maya 2015.

I’m really interested in getting my hands on the bifrost new feature in Maya, where you can create realistic water simulations while editing the scene realtime as the simulation is running in the background. Check it out down below.

Other new features include ShaderFX, OpenSubdiv, Enhanced UV Toolset, Enhanced Modeling and many more.

Check out Lesterbanks post for more info.

In The Works….

Ok since I’ve moved my blog to WordPress, uni has gone crazy with the amount of project running. AAAHHHH!!!!

But now I’ve got a month off away from uni, I can now take a step back, look at the big picture and see what needs to be done. So I’ve made a list what I’m going to be doing over easter break, which include redo some of my work. So what this space over the easter period and I’ll be posting some work in progress work.

Inside The Record Box – 002

Good Morning! I know it’s monday morning, back to work after the lovely weather here in the UK but don’t worry I’ve got another tune to share with you all.

We’ve all got out of our minds, where we feel strongly about someone, emotions goes wild and makes us do crazy things. “Touch” by Shura is a perfect example of showing this. We know it’s wrong but something it feels right, in a weird way. But it’s just not the lyrics that carry the song, it’s the nice chill, happy, electro beats in the background that puts a smile on my face.

Enjoy and have a good Monday everyone!

Inside the Record Box – 001

Most people don’t know that I used to DJ in some clubs, which didn’t last long, or at house parties back in my hometown, years ago. I never did it for the money and wanted to seek this disillusioned fame like most people did, maybe still do now but what I loved about it being in a room of people you don’t have any connection with, just playing music that we all loved and feed off each others energy around us. The state of mind that left our real world troubles behind for a moment before Monday came around.

Not only that and call me weirdo but I love the feel of vinyls! Call me old skool but it was just something about it, that you were touching music and creating a physical effect when rewinding a record back than having a machine do it all for you. The best way I could describe is how stop-motion animators prefer animating a character because of the physical movements comparing to an 3D animator using Maya, who does it all digitally. Interestingly, stop motion animators sometimes leave a mark, they own identity on the model, kind of the same way but not completely as you can leave a finger print mark on a vinyl. It was also about the artwork that I just loved.

Music is a powerful art tool that we use to get us motivated at the GYM, enjoy the fun times with friends or to simply reflect our emotions. The same tool is apply in film and games to let the audience experience different emotions through out their journey within the medium.

I’m going to start something a bit different from how I ran my previous blog and share the kind of music that I listen to in my everyday life; While I’m animating, drawing, thinking, etc.

So to kick this off, I found this amazing song by Galimatias & Sorrow – Subside.

Such a beautiful tune, enjoy.