The new semester is here and to kick off we’ve been looking at adding weight in our animation. From the amazing book by Richard William’s called ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ (A must have book!), shows us how the character builds up anticipation before lifting up the heavy object. To get a bit more understanding, here’s a clip from Richard William’s DVD.

 I decided to use Maya for my animation with the eleven rig I’ve been using in my previous animations. I started off blocking out the poses, as shown below.
Once blocked out, I started to key in addition animation and space each key out on the dope sheet. This is still in progress but here’s my work so far.

Anticipation and Overlap.

To add perfomce to are 2D animation (the same applys to 3D animation) is anticipation and overlap.

Anticipation – is when the charcter is prepapring to performe.

Overlap – is the aftermath of the character stopping.

We tend to see these alot when the character is preforming an action, like jumping, etc. Here an better idea from the image below.

As we can see in the first couple of frames,the character is prepapring by swinging his arm back before releasing that enegry his build up. Then after he has hit the dog, he swing over from where he wants to stop, or overlap, then bring it back to the stoping postion. The use of these techquies are to show the enegry in the perfoamce and to have weight behind the character.

For our task, was to simply show anticipation and overlap by having our character jump from one point to another and to react to something off screen. This took me awhile to do but here’s the final look at my 2D animation.

Bouncing Balls!!!

The point of this exercise was to capture the right amount of stretch and squash, in animation. This was important to understand, as this one of 12 animation principles to master. Too little or much of stretch and squash would create a funny looking performance.

As with any other project, a quick sketch was in order to find out each key frames and how much stretch and squash should be apply.

It taken me a good 2 hours, on each type of ball (soft & heavy),  just to get it right. Here was an early test on the soft ball…

And the final version….