I want to have a Monty Python theme to my ident with a nice jazz music feel to it. To do this I went into photoshop and cut the logo into different pieces, where I wanted them to animate. To create the falmouth logo and put the letters in place, I used different gesture poses of the hand. For the animation, I want to use toonboom than flash, as toomboom is a more competely package for animating and easy to frame the camera.

Overall I felt I could work on it more to add sound effects and tidy up some of the animation and hands but I was pleased with the result of how it worked together.


Experimental Animation

Well we were exposed to some crazy experiment animation from sand animation to scratching on film animation and some stop motion but here are my two favourite animations.
Ingo Schiller & Stephan Müller – Der Bettnässer (The bed-wetter)
Yanni Kronenbery & Lucinda Schreiber – Autumn Story
Stop-motion with blackboards
I really enjoy the Der Bettnässer animation of how crazy from one-scene forms into another scene that you wouldn’t think of. Some of the crazy ideas from this video are inspiring. Also the Autumn Story was really does inspire me of how you can create some cool effects like cloud, scale and transitions from one blackboard to another. 

Right time to roll up these sleeves and get down to some work. I started off doing some film scratching, which I’ve never done before and found it very therapeutic. On the strip of film were some images of some numbers and a diamond symbols.  At start I really didn’t know what to do, instead I just went with the flow and created some crazy things that I wouldn’t normal do. 
The other experiment test was a stop motion of some animation students, who wanted to have a race. I’ve done stop-motion before and I love the crazy stuff you can get out of it. This turned out really well, apart from the pond. I felt like the viewer would miss out the people on the other side. All in all turn out good.
Because I enjoy the stop motion, I wanted to continue using stop motion method for my final piece. Before I go diving in there, I decided to make another test shot with some cut out paper of different shapes but this time using the shapes to the sound. It turned out ok but the timing to the beat was off as an image sequence. So I added each image and adjusted them to align the image with the beat, which worked very well but time consuming.
For my main piece I wanted to use my pervious test shot but use a different type of materials. From my previous blog post, I used a blackboard with some white chalk for a music video and the rough effect it leaves gives a nice edge to it. This is why I decided to use a blackboard but with some different colour chalk, this time. Using the same sound clip but different shapes, the process was much faster this time round and the end result was satisfied. However, I forgot to add in the opening title sequence in my stop motion and wish I had done this.