In The Works….

Ok since I’ve moved my blog to WordPress, uni has gone crazy with the amount of project running. AAAHHHH!!!!

But now I’ve got a month off away from uni, I can now take a step back, look at the big picture and see what needs to be done. So I’ve made a list what I’m going to be doing over easter break, which include redo some of my work. So what this space over the easter period and I’ll be posting some work in progress work.


Heart Of The Tree – Moving on

As the project moves forward into the next pharse, my part is done. The team I’ve worked with have been really good and had a good laugh along the way but as my other project begin to build up, I have to change my focus. Hopefully I can make some free time and do some animation.

Funny 15 Second – Part One

In 15 seconds can you make someone laugh?
Go on, give it a go.
Now making someone laugh in a 15 second animation would seem to be a piece of cake. Mmmm… Cake. Actually it turn out to be a bit of a challenge to have an animation that short. No cake for me.
In my funny 15 sec team, which consists of Ben Wardle and Olivia Reaveley, we wanted the visuals to become the gag rather than a dialog to deliver the joke. Taking this approach, we had to create a style and idea to deliver that visual gag. From our brainstorm session we chose a news anchor man reporting pointless news with Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animation style. We pick his style because how caricature and wacky his style is, which would deliver a visual gag. Also we never done a 2D cut out animation before; what perfect time to do one.
So with the style and idea there, we needed to have some dialog. Now remember I said it was a bit of a challenge? You may think, why is making a small script a challenge? Well remember its only 15 second long animation…. Yeah we kept going way over 15 seconds long after making an animatic because we wanted to make pointless breaking news and with the holds, this was not possible to deliver. So we went back to the drawing board to change our approach.
If you look at comedy and break down the elements of what makes a comedy so funny, is that it shows how much negative subject comedy touches on.
For example: We laugh seeing John Cleese character “Basil Fawlty” getting angry and smacking his car with a branch from Fawlty Towers. If you look at this character as a whole, he is a negative person but we laugh because of his actions, which makes it comedy.
So by rethinking our idea for the script, I came up with an idea, which tie nicely to our visual objective. My idea was playing on people perception by telling the audience a subject then switching to a twisted visual version of that subject.
Confused? Let me explain.
If the news said drunk driver causing chaos on the road, you would expect someone drunk driving a car. But you wouldn’t expect a drunken old man driving a scooter going 5mph down the road causing chaos.
This approach was perfect to deliver our objectives.

Group film showing

Well we had our group presentations and showing off our films we’ve been making over the past couple of weeks. Our group presentation went really well, talking about our concept ideas and how pentimento theory apply to our character designs. I felt we also did a great job of our film, even tho it wasn’t finished to where we want it to be. The team work was excellent and would love to work we them again.

Our plan now is to have a break from the project, get back together to finish it off but also to amend some of the animation and shots.

Group Project Update

For the past couple of weeks, myself and the rest of the team have been really busy in the studio. So now I’ve got a chance to update you on the progress we have done.


The style we’re going for really shrape edges to give that rough look. To everything we model was in polygon, which not only gives us that look we wanted but makes a quick workflow to get the assets done and ready to apply textures to them. Here are some of the models I’ve made on this project.


I wanted to try and animate the characters as best I could even tho there are some quick shots. I used the same techquie for my animation by blocking out the pose first and then do three phares of the animation, with each phares tighting the animating. The shot below was one of my animation I worked on.


For the sea, I used realwave from realflow to produce nice calm motions of the sea. Its been taking a while to simlaute out these shots with the sea but it was worth it. you’ll have to wait for the final rendered shots  😉

Other things I’ve been working on at the moment is ncloth, more animation and making any little adjustments in models.