Group Project Update

For the past couple of weeks, myself and the rest of the team have been really busy in the studio. So now I’ve got a chance to update you on the progress we have done.


The style we’re going for really shrape edges to give that rough look. To everything we model was in polygon, which not only gives us that look we wanted but makes a quick workflow to get the assets done and ready to apply textures to them. Here are some of the models I’ve made on this project.


I wanted to try and animate the characters as best I could even tho there are some quick shots. I used the same techquie for my animation by blocking out the pose first and then do three phares of the animation, with each phares tighting the animating. The shot below was one of my animation I worked on.


For the sea, I used realwave from realflow to produce nice calm motions of the sea. Its been taking a while to simlaute out these shots with the sea but it was worth it. you’ll have to wait for the final rendered shots  😉

Other things I’ve been working on at the moment is ncloth, more animation and making any little adjustments in models.



I adventure out of the studio in search of ideas and to take reference of a damage item or wall. I came across this stone wall which I thought would be interesting to model and texture, as close I possible can to the real thing. I capture a front, side and, try to, top down view with several close up shots for textures. here are some of the pictures I used for reference.

In Maya I created the image planes and started modelling in low poly, just to get a rough outline look of the stones. Once I was happy with this, I started to used the sculpting tool in Maya. The reason I used Maya than Mudbox was because I found Maya to be more accurate and had more control overall of my models. However, I did use Mudbox once i was done in Maya, to texture the models by using the reference photos to texture and paint onto the models. This work flow was nice and easy, even apply the final touch to the model, was adding a bump map to it. By applying this gave that stand out look in model.

I was really happy of how it turn out, overall.

Background Project

Films with big landscape CGI footage use a technique, which projects an flat 2D image onto a plane and layer in order the back ground to the foreground. We apply this technique in our background project for 2D and 3D.

The image I created was made in a way where i could play around within both 2D and 3D projection. For 2D I had to use Toomboom to separate each layer, distancing away from the camera, which would create this effect, then I animated onto a new layer in Toomboom to animate the flags. Once I was happy with this, I started to play around with the camera to give me the best result I could have.

For the 3D, it was the same process to separate the layers by using planes with high amount of subdivisions but for the layers to work I had to go into the hypershades to connect a projector node with transparency. This process was for me. However, the rendered shots was completely out of place, where  the settings and setup was done the right way. To overcome this problem, I opened up a new scene in Maya and import the scene and weirdly it worked!

Here the shots I did.